Master Spécialisé Teaching English as a Foreign Language à FLSH d'Agadir

Master Spécialisé Teaching English as a Foreign Language à La Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaine d'Agadir

Concordia University's College of Education, in conjunction with the Department of International Studies, offers a Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). This 30-33 hour Master's program is a combination of theory and practice offered for the teacher not working in a K-12 classroom, but primarily in other venues that work with second language learners.

Program Objectives

In addition to meeting the objectives for all M.Ed. programs, successful foreign candidates in the M.Ed. in TESL will:

  • Gain expertise in teaching English as a foreign or second language
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of English and its structure
  • Learn the latest theories and techniques for teaching a second language
  • Develop competence in using English as well as improvement in their ability to teach a foreign language

American students who complete this program will:

  • Possess the qualifications to teach in ESL programs in community colleges or universities, social service agencies, and churches
  • Possess the additional knowledge and skills to help them seek employment in foreign countries as teachers of English as a second language

This degree does not meet requirements for state public school certification. Candidates who are interested in teaching TESL in K-12 public schools in the United States should already have completed a teacher certification program. Option B is recommended for K-12 licensed teachers.

Dossier de candidature

  • Formulaire (à retirer au Service des Etudes Supérieures) + Photo.
  • Copie de la CIN.
  • Copie des diplômes.
  • C.V. détaillé.
  • Relevé des notes de la Licence.
  • Mémoire de Licence ou Projet de fin d’étude.
  • Lettre de motivation.

Procédure de Candidature:

  • Étude de dossier : profil, parcours universitaire du candidat, notes obtenues durant le cursus
  • Dépôt de dossier pour les candidats retenus
  • Entretien : pour les candidats dont les dossiers auront été retenus lors de l’étude de dossier.


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